About True Tune and Proper Speed

Our products use molds and basically do not require a lure swim test, but this time the product will need to be adjusted on site.

This happens because the lure is set at the very last minute.
Since the adjustment range is around 0.1mm, it is difficult to judge visually.

In the case of deep lures such as WA-To, or if it is written for slow fishing, it will not swim well if it is reeled in at medium speed or faster, and no matter how much you swim tune it will swing either way.
This is due to factors such as the deflection of the substrate.
Please use it at the speed and depth that you can use.

If the lure that swims from you leans to the left, bend it slightly to the right with pliers.
Alternatively, pinch the eye seen from the front with pliers and twist it slightly clockwise.
If you want to lean to the right, do the opposite.

Thank you very much.