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【New Product】FCB54Jig Bait (baitcasting rod)Sold Out


54Jig bait model

The reel seat has no trigger. Adopts uplock.
This is because most reels these days have offset side plates, which makes it difficult to tighten if it’s in the foreground, and it tends to loosen during a fight, so I put it on the side that can be tightened during a fight.

I was satisfied with it myself, but overseas people would break it, so I strengthened it further.
We hang 28 kg in the blank test, but the picture is 9 kg of water.
I don’t do any more weight because it’s troublesome.
How far can you go with this angle? Unknown.

We will demonstrate its power in fishing that is bad for the body at home and abroad.

Jig as much as you like.
1kg MAX? , 300g ~ 500g is normal.
PE should be about MAX No. 8, usually No. 5 to 6 is the best.

Length 5ft4in
Weight About 300g
Sections 1 piece
Closing size About 165cm
Jig weight 200 ~ 500g
Recommended reel size
Recommended fishing line PE #8
Guide setting Butt φ20 ~ Top φ12
Reel seat DPS20SD + lock nut
Fore grip length About 13cm
Rear grip length About 38.5cm
Length from reel foot to top About 116.5cm
Length from reel foot to end About 48cm

Stock status : Sold out

Selling price  ¥44,000


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