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UCB81EXT MH Red Model (spinning rod)Sold Out


It is now possible to use it as a more reliable GT rod by strengthening the quality of carbon.

The design of the old product remains as it is, and the throwing comfort does not change.
About 20% stronger than the old product.

Adopted a new seat with an assist nut for the reel seat.

Since its release, the red version of the 81MH has received acclaim all over the world.

It is supported by GT anglers in Australia and Oman.

A standard GT rod that combines ease of casting and lightness for easy handling.

As for the plug, we recommend around CSP260 for pencils and around EBIEXT165 for popping poppers.
If you have one, you can’t go wrong with this rod.

Blue fin also has a track record up to about 150kg, but since it is for GT, the tip has a little power.

* Regarding the power of the FCL boat casting rod


They are arranged in descending order from top to bottom.
If the cast upper limit is not specified, please think that it is up to about 300g.

However, the cast feel itself is slightly different.
The GT type 81 model is for plugs and is a little stiff.
In the case of 78, it is made for fights where the burden of tuna, etc., that thrusts downward is heavy.
This takes into consideration the burden on the body because the fight time is long.

Length 8ft1in
Weight About 385g
Sections Butt join
Closing size About 177cm
Cast weight MAX 200g
Recommended reel size Daiwa 6500
Recommended fishing line PE #8
Guide setting Butt φ40 ~ Top φ16
Reel seat DPS20S + lock nut
Fore grip length About 23cm
Rear grip length About 43cm (including spacer)
Length from reel foot to top About 196.5cm
Length from reel foot to end About 50.5cm

Stock status : Sold out

Selling price  ¥71,500


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