Offshore Spinning Rods

【New Product】UCB80EXT-L V2 model (spinning rod)Sold Out


2024 model
This is a new model that was remade from the blanks.
The previous model was soft, which was not like our rods, so we made it crisper. “The look is the same as before, but the inside is a Tsurusaki rod.”
I’m worried that the 74B will no longer sell. Perfect for fish that are fought with PE6, such as yellowtail, GT, and tuna. If you want crisp casting, this is it.

A rod between UCB81EXT and UCB74ft. It is long, so it is a perfect rod for casting TBO180 series sizes.
However, the power is set to around 10kg, so it will be able to fight with yellowtail or Shibi (tuna under 30kg) without any problems.
As mentioned earlier, I think the casting will be centered around 100g.

Length 8ft
Weight About 364g
Sections Butt join
Closing size About 175cm
Cast weight MAX 130g
Recommended reel size 5000 ~ 5500
Recommended fishing line PE #6
Guide setting Butt φ40 ~ Top φ16
Reel seat DPS20 + lock nut
Fore grip length About 16cm
Rear grip length About 46cm (including spacer) (full grip specification)
Length from reel foot to top About 188cm
Length from reel foot to end About 53.5cm

Stock status : Sold out

Selling price  ¥68,200


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